Flood Victim is member of MSWIT

August 17 2016 | Latest News

A MSWIT member and her family have lost everything they own in the flood this past week.  Several members are asking how we can help so we have set up a Fund through Pay Pal to give you the opportunity to make a donation directly to someone you know and love.

If you can contribute, please click the button below and send whatever you can afford.   Since our August meeting was cancelled, one suggestion was to consider contributing what you would have spent on the August meal...but even a $10 donation will be appreciated.  MSWIT will match whatever is contributed by our members* and will purchase gift cards (such as Bed Bath & Beyond) with these funds. 

Many of us know all too well what our dear friend will be dealing with for the next few months and we really want her to know we are here to support her in any way we can.  Please keep her and all the flood victims in your thoughts and prayers.


*up to $500