September Meeting Announcement

September 12 2015 | Latest News


The Blake hotel will host our September meeting, with Erik Hansen as the speaker - Tuesday September 22nd
Dear members:
We are honored that Erik Hansen from US Travel has agreed to be our speaker for our September meeting.  Mr. Hansen, based out of Washington D. C., has agreed to travel to NOLA to speak at our meeting with no cost to our organization.  Please do everything you can do to be able to attend this event so we have a nice crowd for him.
The Blake Hotel on St. Charles Avenue has agreed to host our event, and a reception from 5:30 - 6:30 on their balcony as they did for our previous meeting with Mark Romig.  Please feel free to invite guests that you may think would be interested in hearing him speak.  We will waive the additional fee for guests and they can come to the meeting at the member price.  
Please help us make this meeting a success and show Erik how great the women's tourism industry in New Orleans is!