Mentoring, Education, Networking

MSWIT provides contact with other professionals in the industry who can contribute to your growth in the tourism industry. By joining MSWIT, you can keep informed of new ideas in sales, new industry developments, coming trends and destination familiarization, as well as educational programs to further enhance yourself individually so that your opinions and expertise will be a valuable commodity.

MSWIT provides opportunities for educational programs that will enhance your overall knowledge of the tourism industry and will help you develop contacts, international as well as local contacts and friendships

Membership stimulates greater professionalism in all phases of employment and will develop managerial and leadership techniques to help you participate more fully in the positive growth of the tourism industry.

If you are involved in the selling or promotion of tourism, you should consider joining MSWIT. Professional women in or supplying services to the tourism industry who are actively engaged and employed in the sale or promotion of tourism: Airlines, Travel Agencies, Cruise Lines, Railways, Tour Operators, Tourist Boards, Motorcoach Operators, Car Rental Agencies, Lodging, and kindred fields closely related to tourism such as the television, radio, trade publications, newspapers, communications, consulates, public relations, and advertising firms may belong to MSWIT.