MSWIT MEMBERS...let us know if you need help! We want to hear from you.

June 12 2020 | Latest News

To all Members of Mid South Women In Tourism...

The past three months have been difficult for all of us....but even more difficult for those who have not yet been called back to work even with the Phase I and Phase II re-openings.

We want to help in any way that we can...but we have to hear from you.  Whether you need help in looking for employment or if you just need a "sister member" to talk to...please email and she will make sure you are contacted immediately.

The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation initially had Covid 19 funds early on during the pandemic.   They helped hundreds of hospitality workers but, by now,  those specific Covid funds are depleted.  However, they still have crisis funds (not directly related to Covid 19 layoffs) that they are still accepting grant applications.  Sample "crisis" examples include but are not limited to medical emergencies, housing emergencies due to a fire, car accident or other situations such as a death in the family.   Go to the application form found here

There is also a crisis hotline that we all have access to -- 211.   The staff that answers the 211 hotline have a list of agencies that they can direct you for emergency assistance.  You can also access these resources through

On the flip side of this message, if you are aware of any job openings that could immediately help our members, even if just temporary, even non tourism related openings. please send those details to Bobbi as well to disseminate to those in need.

One last thing, if you know of members who are definitely not back at work yet, please contact them to make sure we have their personal email addresses so we can stay in contact with them during this layoff.

We can all get through this together!


Your 2020 Board of Directors

Martha Martinez, President
Ashlea Kelly, Vice President
Kate Wendel, Treasurer
Tanya Leader, Recording Secretary
Nikki Jackson, Corresponding Secretary
Peggy Benoit, Historian
Bobbi Mannino, Membership Manager