Please RSVP for a special Mardi Gras Party on Zoom, Tuesday, February 9 at 6 pm

January 27 2021 | Upcoming Events

MSWIT Members...

Our MSWIT Board has assembled a fabulous "Mardi Gras" themed  Zoom event for Tuesday evening, February 9, 6 pm!   "All because it's Carnival Ti-i-ime, Whoa, it's Carnival Time....Oh well, it's Carnival Time, And everybody's havin' fun".   

A full agenda of activities and contests are planned, some include your creative advance planning of what you will be wearing and ...for those who like to bake...what you will be baking!

Can you bake your own King Cake?

We encourage attendees to consider baking a King Cake.   Here's a link to an easy 5 minute instructional video on making your own cake -!   Additionally, New Orleans & Co. provided us with two other links to recipes for King Cake.   

HOWEVER...for those of us who wrote book reports with Cliffs notes...we highly recommend picking up a box of Mam Papaul's King Cake mix for those who don't bake from scratch.  (Did you know Mam Papaul's is produced right here in Harvey, Louisiana?  Thank you Kate Wendel for this tidbit of local trivia!)

Of course, this is not mandatory...but each person who makes the effort of making a homemade decorated King Cake will receive an entry to win a big prize!

For those who would rather just eat King Cake...please buy your favorite and bring a piece with you to the meeting!


What to wear to this special Mardi Gras Party?

Since we will be on Zoom and basically only seeing from the shoulders up...use your most creative imagination of head pieces, wigs, face painting, etc. etc. Everyone who dresses up even a little will be entered to win a prize - HOWEVER - the person with the most creative upper body attire will win a BIG prize!


Mardi Gras Trivia Contest & Mardi Gras BINGO! you're not a baker or a costume maker...but you know your Mardi Gras Trivia.  All attendees will have a chance to win a BIG prize in the Trivia contest.  And if there is time, we will even have a Mardi Gras BINGO game too!


What does Mardi Gras mean to you?  What are your most favorite memories from a past Mardi Gras? 

Attendees will be encouraged to share their favorite memories.

We ask that you send your favorite photo of you during Mardi Gras whether it goes back to when you were a kid or as close as last year.   

Email or text your photo to or text to her cell at 985-705-0441.   Ashlea will put all photos into a slide show while we enjoy some Mardi Gras music and waiving our second line handkerchiefs!


House Floats details and other info on Mardi Gras celebrations around town.

By February 9th we should be able to have a comprehensive list and maps of the best House Floats to go view by Mardi Gras day.

In the meantime, enjoy reading a list of things that are happening around town.  Here's the current blog from Judy Weitz's website



If you would like to promote your business by donating a Big Prize or even a Small Prize to the winners of some of these events, please contact right away!


Please RSVP to so we can have an idea of a head count for this special Zoom event.


Even though the parades have been can't cancel our Mardi Gras spirit!

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all!